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To help people build better lives through exercise and encouragement.


Let me help you improve your goals


Improve daily tasks by working on strengthening joints and muscles.


Improve your body's ability to move in different angles and functions.


Improve your body awareness, ability to stay poised and centered.


Improve your body

composition and your body image.

How to start

Pick a plan that works best for you.

Schedule a time and day to meet with your trainer. 

Workout with your trainer in-home or virtual!

Meet the community

Zar is enthusiastic, very knowledgeable, and a great listener. He creates a variety of sessions that address strength training, balance, core, specific muscle groups, and occasionally boxing. Because he is attentive and monitors my progress closely, I get the most benefit from each session. He's also friendly, pleasant, and dedicated to my progress and success.
- Linda 



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